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Arduino LLC partners with Adafruit for 'Genuino' Manufacturing

Gareth Halfacree

We spent our weekend at Maker Faire Bay Area, one of the four events we're attending this year, and while we've seen far more than we could ever hope to get into a blog post there's been one announcement that has really caught our attention: a shift by Arduino LLC to manufacturing new devices dubbed Genuino. Part of the rift between project founders that has led to the formation of Arduino Srl. and its direct competition with Arduino LLC - the one currently progressing through the legal system, aided by pictures of classic Arduino packaging provided by the community - the shift will see Arduino LLC partnering with our friends at Adafruit. Initially targeting the US market, Arduino founder Massimo Banzi told Make Magazine that the boards manufactured in partnership with Adafruit will carry the new Genuino brand. Equivalents to all current Arduino models will be available - including Genuino Leonardo and Genuino Uno variants - and will, logo aside, look and perform identically to the existing models. Massimo also announced that "many more" partnerships are to be announced in the future, without divulging details.

We’re currently manufacturing the Arduino Gemma with right here in New York City at the Adafruit factory, it instantly became a top seller and we’re looking forward to bringing our manufacturing expertise and processes to start shipping Arduinos right here from the USA as soon as possible!

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