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Win Boldport Electronics Kits with Ground Electronics

Gareth Halfacree

Our good friends at fellow UK Maker Belt company Ground Electronics have partnered up with our other good friends at bespoke circuit design house Boldport to run a competition, and you've got until Friday to get your hands on some rather special prizes. For those unfamiliar with Boldport's work, the company is best known for its stunningly attractive circuit designs which are created using a clever piece of open-source software called PCBmodE. Not content with simple flowing lines and graphical solder points, Boldport's Saar Drimer recently completed work on multicolour PCBs to up the aesthetic factor still further. Ground Electronics' competition gives the lucky winner a chance to get their hands on four of Boldport's designs: the Nutclough and Wuther, which were produced in limited numbers and given to attendees at the last two Wuthering Bytes conferences, the eponymous tribute board to Bob Pease, and the handy Arduino-compatible microcontroller dubbed Cuttlefish. Entering is simple: head to the competition page before Friday and email your guess as to which tea Boldport's Saar drinks during his design work. The winner, competition organiser Andrew Back tells us, will be announced on the 29th of May.

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Boldport's work and it turns out that their excellent taste extends beyond the design of beautiful, functional circuits, to that very best of beverages, tea. Which brings us to the subject of this competition: can you tell us which particular type of tea powers Boldport's design work with PCBmodeE?

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