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ARDX Starter Kit for Arduino Reaches Ugandan Schools

Gareth Halfacree

When we released the ARDX Starter Kit for Arduino, known at the time as the Arduino Experimenters' Kit, back in 2009 under a permissive, open-source licence - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike - we did so hoping that it would help to improve electronics education, both self-directed and structured, throughout the world. By removing the usual barriers to widespread dissemination - the requirement to buy a physical product from an approved retailer and copyright restrictions on sharing or modifying the documentation and projects - and allowing users to modify, tweak and tailor the kit to their own requirements, we were sure we'd soon see the kit and derivatives thereof popping up in the most surprising places. An email from Dimitrios has alerted us to the latest ARDX sighting in the wild, as part of a robotics programme being taught in Ugandan schools by Fundi Bots. Visible on the laptop around 45 seconds into this BBC report on the project is ARDX CIRC-10, demonstrating the use of the low-cost TMP36 temperature sensor. A PDF of the booklet being used is available here, if you'd care to have a browse of the bundled projects yourself. If you've seen the ARDX Starter Kit,

or any other oomlout creation, being used even further afield we'd love to know!

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