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Halifax Mini Maker Faire 2015 - Final Warning

Gareth Halfacree


If you're around the Halifax area this weekend, or within reasonable travel distance, you owe it to yourself to head to the Halifax Mini Maker Faire - one of the four events we're exhibiting at this year. Last year's event was a blast, and there's no reason to assume that the hosts - Eureka, the national children's museum - will do any less of a job this time around. We'll be there showing off everything from our ARDX Starter Kits for Arduino to the OOpen Building Block System, as well as giving out our exclusive bespoke laser-cut keyrings. We'll also have our tame reporter Gareth Halfacree along to cover the event, and he'll be bringing you his findings over the next few weeks in a series of exclusive updates. If you see Gareth wandering around with his camera and dictaphone in-hand, be sure to flag him down and tell him about the projects you're working on and you could find your name in electrons - and don't forget to swing by our stand to collect your swag!

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