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'Baldengineer' James Lewis Recommends Our ARDX Starter Kit for Arduino

Gareth Halfacree

We're always thrilled when people love the things we make, and doubly so when it's our open-source Arduino starter kit: the Arduino Experimentation Kit (ARDX). When we published the kit under an open-source licence, we hoped that its novel use of beginner-friendly breadboard layout sheets would see it spread throughout the world - and we've been pleased to see exactly that happen. Recently, James Lewis - the chap behind the Baldengineer Blog and AddOhms video tutorials - had a look at our kit, comparing it to three alternatives: the Maker Shed Arduino Kit, littleBits Arduino Coding Kit, and the Starter Kit. While all the kits are aimed at somewhat different markets and have their own pros and cons, it was our ARDX that James ended up recommending to his friend - with particular praise being heaped on our layout sheets and detailed instructions. Remember, you can have a play with the kit at no cost via our web version, or even download our source files and make your own breadboard layout sheets.

The other day my friend called me up. He told me how much he missed building circuits and wanted to start again with the Arduino. So he asked me “which Arduino starter kit is the best to buy?” At which point, I drew a long breath. Easy question, not always an easy answer. So coming back to my friend, which kit did I recommend to him? Well, I think for someone with a few engineering classes and knows a bit about C-programming the ARDX is the best fit.

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