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Seeed Studio Interviews Korean Maker Group HardCopyWorld

Gareth Halfacree

We're always fascinated to hear from maker communities, from those in our back garden through to the far-flung reaches of the globe, which is why we were thrilled that our friends at Seeed Studio have interviewed the founders of HardCopyWorld, a maker space in Korea. In doing so, Seeed has wonderfully highlighted just how unifying the maker lifestyle truly is: aside from some local concerns, such as the lack of documentation for both hardware and software in languages other than English, the comments made could have come from anywhere in the world. The interview also touches upon the group's most famous creation, the Arduino-powered smart watch with 3D printed casing, which is creator jokes came about because of "a simple reason: that is, 'it seems to be possible.'" The group's other projects can be found on the official website, though naturally the documentation is largely in Korean - nothing a quick Google Translate can't resolve.

I often sip beer in the pub with my graduate school friends (most of them are engineers) and like to exchange ideas we want develop in future. Three years ago, we agreed on building the project group for developing some electrical gadgets or programs to make such ideas into reality. Over a year we made various gadgets like toy-car controlled by brainwave, DIY drone, WiFi controlled RC car, Arduino smart watch and activity tracker. We opened DIY manuals and source codes through our homepage, so that anyone can reach if they want. HardCopyWorld represents “If you have an idea, stop thinking. Make it!”.

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