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Get Free Entry to Wuthering Bytes' Open for Business Conference

Gareth Halfacree

It's Wuthering Bytes month here at oomlout as we count down the days to the opening of the UK Maker Belt's premier technology event - and today, we've got some great news for the budget-conscious: a discount code offering completely free entry to one of the new extended event days, Open for Business.

It should come as no surprise to hear that we're big believers in being able to mix open source and a sharing culture into a thriving business. The products we design, including our popular ARDX Arduino Starter Kit, are released under permissive licences for people to re-use, hack around, and modify to their hearts content. For some in business, though, the idea of 'giving away' a product seems madness.

That's where Open for Business comes in. One of the conferences-within-a-conference which has extended Wuthering Bytes' third year to cover an entire week, Open for Business is hosted by the British Computer Society's Open Source Specialist Group and the Open Source Consortium, and aims to offer advice to anyone currently working in an open-source business, looking to start an open-source business, or who simply wants to find out how open source could be integrated into what they already do.

With talks providing first-hand experience, investigations into the economic and legal issues, and even a look at open business models and the contracts required, it promises to be a great day - and, thanks to sponsorship from the BCS and embedded electronics specialist Embecosm, it's free to attend using the code FOSSFTW. If that's sold you on the event, tickets are available now.

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