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Hackability as a Human Right: Jeremy Ruston's Wuthering Bytes Talk

Gareth Halfacree

As we count down the days to Wuthering Bytes, the UK Maker Belt's incredible week-long technology event, we're taking a look at some of the speakers and workshops that have caught our eyes.

We're big believers in being able to hack, tinker, modify and improve the things around us. That's a big reason why we release our own product designs under open source licences, and why we love reading about projects like , repairing a kid's toy with a homebrew keyboard matrix, and even tips like labelling laser-cut parts to make assembly, trouble-shooting and repair of kits easier.

We're not alone in this, of course. The Wall Street Journal recently published a column on the right to repair, and at Wuthering Bytes' Festival Day on the 2nd of October Jeremy Ruston is going to be discussing a very similar matter in 'Hackability as a Human Right.' "At twelve years old, when I cack-handedly soldered together an MK-14 [microprocessing kit], computers were still extremely exotic and rare; my parents would bring their friends to my bedroom to witness these marvels of the modern age," Jeremy, a software expert whose career has taken him from startup chief technical officer to Head of Open Source Innovation at telecoms giant BT, recalls. "Over the last 40 years I've watched my beloved passion grow into nearly every corner of nearly every life on the planet. Thus, I have been able to work and play across an incredible breadth of industries: television, telecoms, finance, healthcare, consumer and business dotcoms.

"This talk recounts my journey from a naive, idealistic 12-year old, into a naive, idealistic 50-year old. I'll share what I've learned of the nature of software, networks, communities, and businesses, and the ultimately cathartic conflagration caused by their collision."

Tickets to the Festival Day, priced at a particularly reasonable £10 including lunch, are available from our dedicated microsite, along with tickets for the Open Source Hardware User Group's talk and workshop days. More information on the festival itself and the rest of the week-long schedule can be found on the official website.

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