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The Wuthering Bytes Widdop Kit: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Gareth Halfacree

It's Wuthering Bytes month here at oomlout, and we're increasingly excited about the UK Maker Belt's premier technology event - especially given the goodies that organisers Andrew Back and Tim Harbour have prepared for attendees.

It's long been a Wuthering Bytes tradition to give out some form of electronic kit, and this year's week-long extravaganza is no different. Attendees of the OSHCamp portion of the event this year will get something very special: a custom-made, limited-edition soldering kit designed especially for the occasion by our friends at Boldport.

We don't want to give too much away about its purpose, but we can say - having been let into the secret - that recipients are sure to have fun with the kit, which goes under the name The Widdop. The video above shows the kits being packed into their anti-static bags ready to be handed off to their new owners on the day - and provides a glimpse of the logistics behind its fulfilment, complete with a bag-holding rig cleverly constructed using our open-source OOBB system.

If your appetite hasn't been whetted enough, the above time-lapse offers a look at the experience of putting the kit together - but, to preserve the mystery of The Widdop's true purpose, ends short of any of the kits being tested. If you want to see what the strange board is for, you're going to have to attend and build one yourself - and, remember, The Widdop design is exclusive to Wuthering Bytes, making it something of a collectable.

The Widdop will be given to all attendees at the Open Source Hardware Camp (OSHCamp), which forms part of the extended week-long Wuthering Bytes festival in Hebden Bridge. OSHCamp opens the event on Saturday the 26th of September with a day of talks, and carries on the fun on Sunday the 27th with a day of workshops - including one on assembling The Widdop, for those yet to experience the joys of soldering. More information, and tickets priced at a very reasonable £10 per day, is available from our dedicated microsite.

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