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BBC Seeking Makers for Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds

Gareth Halfacree

BBC Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds

We've written a few times about the maker movement's shift into the mainstream consciousness, and this really demonstrates how far things have come: the BBC is looking for inventors, makers, and engineers for a new TV series dubbed Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds - and you've got a month to apply.

"We're going to feature a variety of stories, from existing builds through to brand new builds. In particular, we're searching for ambitious, passionate and imaginative backyard builders who would like to create something as part of the show. We will give them a 10 week build schedule and document their progress from start to finish," Davinia Richardson, casting producer for RDF Television, explained to us of the programme. "We’re looking for the unique, the unconventional, the unusual inventions, contraptions and creations... the Wallace and Gromits of the UK!

"We're asking people, what would you invent to improve your home life? A miniature railway that doubles as a drinks tray and delivers your cuppa? A contraption that will feed your dog each morning? Or something to occupy the kids perhaps, a back garden rollercoaster? Whatever the build, big or small, in this exciting new series we want to showcase a variety of ambitious, innovative and imaginative builds, from the experimental to the incredible!"

The schedule is tight: Davinia is hoping to have found three subjects before the end of the year, with filming scheduled for January through March 2016. Those interested needn't worry about giving up a chunk of their lives, though: "We would come to film with them for around 5 days across those 10 weeks to document their progress, and then we'll film the reveal of the finished product at the end of the 10 weeks," Davinia told us. "We don't expect anybody to dedicate every waking minute to the build in those 10 weeks, this is something people can do at weekend, or evenings, in conjunction with their regular full time jobs."

An application form for the programme is available from the official website, if you're interested in taking part and getting your project on national television! Applications must be in by Friday the 18th of December to be in with a chance of selection.

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