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Time to Automate the Home? (or shop)


A Servo Switch in a White Surrounding

Is there anything more frustrating than turning a light switch on only to then turn it off again minutes maybe hours later? Well undoubtably there is but in keeping with our style of addressing the lesser problems of life it is one we decided to tackle. The result our newest Instructable and Product, the Servo Switch - (SESW). It takes care of that simple task of flicking light switches, and does so through the use of an Arduino.

At the moment we have our's conducting rather amazing light switch raves, but the plans are grand (including large scale micro farm managment).

If you'd like to build your own check out the Instructable: Easy Home Automation (using Servo Switches)

Or if you'd like to purchase a lovely kit with: Servo Switch - (SESW) Kit

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