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Tiny Chair Sadly No Tiny Person


Around oomlout one of our greatest failings seems to be our inability to say no to a new idea. We were sitting around procrastinating (one of our greatest strengths) when it hit us. We're all sitting.

The Factors that contributed to what happened next:
-We love anything novelty sized (be it a tiny car or a too large can)
-The large CNC machine had been lying dormant for a while.
-We all felt like doing something other than what we were.

What Happened:
- A chair was measured
- We decided what dimensions we liked and which we weren't too fond of.
-A little bit of Corel draw time.
-Scaling to 12.5% of its size
-Some laser Cutting
-The photo Above.

What is Happening next:
-A Trip to the hardware store for some bolts.
- Some big CNC cuting.
- Hopefully more sitting.

Stay tuned to this space to see how the one day chair turns out.

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