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One Day Chair Challenge Result? Success.


The chair is complete. What started this morning as as an idea and progressed through computer drawings, and scale models has this afternoon materialized into an honest to goodness chair.

The result is admittedly not a design classic, but what we have learned during its design and ultimate construction has been astounding. Just imagine the possibilities that develop if you can make as many mistakes as we did today, everyday. Each day ending with a product that is just a little bit better than yesterdays. We're excited. We'll leave it on one final point; the business mantra that Stuart has been repeating ad nauseam of late (and the rest of us are starting to subscribe to).

"The secret to success is being able to make mistakes faster" (Stuart McFarlan)

(in terms of attribution he's currently claiming he came up with it but we're pretty sure he's lying, if you know where the proper credit lies drop us a line, Clement and I would love to burst this particular bubble)

The process:

(we did twitter the whole thing if you'd like to be kept up to speed on future challenges we undertake you can follow us there ( oomlout on Twitter ) )

  1. The initial scale model - ( here )
  2. The pieces being cut - ( here )
  3. The pieces ready to assemble - ( here )
  4. Everything being bolted together - ( here )
  5. The finished product - ( here )

Care to make your own?
You can pick up all the necessary files over on Thingiverse ( here ). (like the rest of our work it is open source CC BY-SA )

The Future?

Stay tuned we're not ready to tip our hat just yet but there are a few exciting developments in the works To make this possible for just about anybody. (you making your own chairs not us making them for you, that's no fun)

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