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Maker Faire UK Prep


The oomlout offices are abuzz with activity as UK Maker Faire (Newcastle March 14-15) quickly approaches. As Stuart and Clement run around finishing off projects and getting into rather involved super ball wars (a post to follow may outline some of the finer strategic points of this form of warfare), it has fallen upon me to accomplish the more mundane tasks.

Ensuring you are prepared with swag is no small task. Shirts arrived yesterday, so you'll be able to spot an oomlout'er from a mile off. Our business cards are being printed as we speak and the laser cutter is churning out a healthy stack of little laser cut oomlout's. Swing by and see us to chat, play with our toys, and pick up an oomlout or two. We'll be in the marquee. (more details here)

In terms of what we're bringing, we don't want to give too much away, but you'll definitely be able to see Otis, (who might be bringing a secret robot friend or two). And both Stuart and Clement are putting the finishing touches on new projects that we'll be showing off. We can guarantee fun will be had.

(Also any UK makers interested in a meet up drop us an e-mail (, we'll be hitting the North (Manchester and Leeds) starting on the 11th and not flying back until the 18th, for that matter if something fun is happening in London we might consider swinging down)

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