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A Busy Day (and ready to go)


Well the team has been busy and we thought we'd bring you up to speed on a few things.

What We've Done:

  • The ARDX (Arduino Experimentation Kit) is almost finished. All that is left is writing up a few of the circuits and editing the assembly videos. We've updated all our files you can check them out ( here ). (we're particularly fond of the Sketchup models of each component and circuit ) (tentative ship date March 20)
  • Finished off most of what is required for one of our new products ( ARDI ), An Arduino based Intervalometer for SLR cameras (well any camera with a 2.5mm remote trigger plug). Check out a photo of the kit ( here ), and a small time-lapse we made using it ( here )
  • We printed business cards and made lovely little stands for them. ( here )
  • Version one of the etch-a-whiteboard project is moving. We're hoping to have some time this week to perfect it and let people test it out at Maker Faire UK. ( here )
  • Made loads of little acrylic oomlout's, to hand out (to the point where we ran out of acrylic).
  • And finally threw it all in a suitcase, we're ready to fly. Newcastle here we come (via, Houston, and Newark, and Manchester) When will we learn to book flights earlier. ( photo )

That's what we've been up-to.

Wish us luck with the TSA.

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