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Fancy yourself a Robotic Arm Developer?


Its time to take open source hardware to the people who can make it really awesome, you.
Part of what makes open source software so powerful is the, varied skill sets of the people who work on it. While we at .:oomlout:. think everything we produce is awesome the depth of skill around our offices is admittedly rather limited. We can handle laser cutting and bolt counting but when it comes to math or programming or art we are quickly out of our depth.

Perhaps your an animator with a desire to bring your inverse kinematics knoweldge into the physical world, or a researcher in need of an arm to move your beakers, or a puppeteer looking to produce an all robotic arm play, or a teacher looking to excite students, or something completly unrelated.

We would like you to bring your expertise to this project. What we have is a five axis robotic arm design controlled by rather inexpensive hobby servos. (material and cutting cost about USD$150)
We can guarantee it is loads of fun to play with, and we think potentially very useful for more serious pursuits.

How to get started?
We have posted the design files up on Thingiverse along with the parts required to
assemble your own (here). There are also photos from different angles to aid in the assembly (3d models to come). If you don't have access to a laser cutter you can download the file for free and have the pieces laser cut at Ponoko  (here).

Who knows if we get enough people on board attendance at our developer meetings may grow beyond the oomlout'ers and our cat (and need more than a kitchen table).

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