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The Making of Resistor Kits - (RESK)


We've had a blast throwing together the first batch of Resistor Kits - (RESK). It's a bit nerdy but we consider any day where we fire up our micro factory and take a pile of components and turn them into delightfully fun finished products to be one well spent. Please bear with us while we share a few steps along the way.

Printing and Preparing the PackagingAt the moment we do all our printing in house, this came as a realization at just how reasonably priced a second hand colour laser printer can be . For the RESK packaging we use card-stock (210 gm/s/m).

(if you'd like to print your own cards the design files can be found here ).

Next a few slices with an exacto knife and the cards are ready to go.

Resistor SnippingWe slice the resistors into 25 resistor strips

StaplingWe find this part rather fun as it reminds us of grade school when you had to go to the office to borrow the long arm stapler. Well we now have our own. We line up the resistor strips and staple them in place. This was time consuming at first but once we got good at it (or in our case competitive) it went rather quickly.

Finished ProductThe result? A stack of handmade resistor kits, if you'd like to pick one up for your electronics box they can be found in our online shop here. But do hurry given our penchant for mechnizing they might not be hand made for long..

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