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The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk (TGIMBOEJ) Stops off at oomlout


One of the best boxes in the The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk (TGIMBOEJ) project stopped off at oomlout hq this week.

(TGIMBOEJ project is a "progressive lending library of electronic components" where like minded geeks put their name on a list (here) receive a box, take a few bits pop a few more in then send it on. For all the details check out its website

Inside the Box

Scott was moving and needed to clean out some of his electronic "junk". What he put in the box was more like electronic gold dust. With chip programmers, a robot, some great 90s computer gear, and loads of nifty electronic bits and bobs that we had a great time looking up datasheets for. It was great fun, thinking what we could do with each piece and deciding whether we really needed it.

What We Took

After a lot of soul searching (and a moment or two of thinking of reporting the box as lost in the post and stealing it all) we settled on some of the funnest bits. A PCMCIA Bluetooth card, pair of geared motors, an old school PS2 converter, and tin can based LM741 (in nifty plastic case) found their way into our hands. What do we have planned for these bits? ...

What We Added

Only one way to find out, put your name on the list and hope the box finds its way to your door. Or wait for it to arrive at anachrocomputer's and see what he has to say about it.

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