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A Few New Bits and Bobs


We're always working to add neat items to our online shoppe. Recently we've had three little additions, nothing too spectacular but perhaps the perfect answer to spiff up your current project, or to inspire the next undertaking.

Product 1 - Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Interlink 402

A fun addition to any project, a simple variable resistor with an added twist. The resistance varies dependent on the amount of force applied to the touch pad. Use it to sense the presence of an object, as an analog button or let your imagination go and do something truly crazy with it. (£4.25 in the shoppe)

Product 2 - Temperature Sensor (TMP36)

A really easy to use sensor, simply provide power, ground and then you'll have an output voltage dependent on temperature (linear). With a range from from -40°C to 120°C it should suit all but the most extreme temperature sensing jobs. (£1.50 in the shoppe)

Product 3 - Prototyping Wire (2m x 11 Colours)

All projects look better when they include a tangle of multi-coloured wire, here's the perfect helping hand. It also makes for much more productive debugging sessions. ( £2.50 in the shoppe )

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