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A Few Chips For Your Next Project


One thing we really love doing around .:oomlout:. HQ is taking things apart. Be it an 'antique' printer or cute fuzzy toy nothing is safe. However this habit leaves us with box upon box of great components begging to be used.

With many of the funner pieces (motors, solenoids, little light bulbs) the current they require is much higher than a single Arduino pin can provide. To get past this we found ourselves using chips (integrated circuits), and a pair of chips kept finding their way into our projects. Given our quest to fill every electronics parts bin with the funnest and most useful parts we thought it appropriate to start selling them through the store. Thus we're happy to announce two fun products now available

Dual H-Bridge Driver Chip - L293D

This is a great chip which once wired up can control the direction of two DC motors or one bi-polar (4 wire) stepper motor. We have an in depth tutorial in the works, but for the moment have thrown together a one page quick start guide (available here with a copy shipped with each order) (available at the oomlout web shop for £2.50 )

Octal High Current Transistor Array - ULN2803A

Another great chip, when driving high current loads a transistor is often required. This chip houses 8 high current transistors, with current limiting resistor and flyback diodes attached internally to make for very clean wiring. Simply drop it in and start driving solenoids, high current LEDs or motors in one direction. (each pair ships with a printed quick start guide available here ) (available at the oomlout web shop for £2.98 a pair)

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