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The Store: It is Expanding!


We've been working away at oomlout HQ recently on a number of great new projects and shipping out orders, all the while finding time to source neat new products for the online store. Today's additions:

DIY Arduino Section

We've added two new products in this category. A great AVR Programmer kit from adafruit industries, simply solder it up and plug it in via USB and you can program any ATMega chip that is ISP compatible. Or if you have an Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimiella, you can program the Arduino bootloader into blank ATMega chips and make your own army of Arduino clones.

The second product in this category is to make your Arduino clone army creation easy. It's a component bundle, with everything you need to make your own Arduino clone (a preprogrammed ATMega chip, crystal, socket, voltage regulator, and neccesary passive components). Great for moving a project from a prototype to something a little more permanent.

Super Bright LEDs

Every project needs light (be it working or not a flashing LED makes it look like it's working). Here is a bundle of 40 Super bright LEDs (10 of each Red, Green, Blue and yellow). Trust us these LEDs are super super bright with the Red, Green and Yellow being 20,000 - 25,000 mcd and the blue being 8,000 mcd. While that's rather abstract having played around with them we can confirm looking directly at them (even briefly) is really not the best idea.

A Few New Tools

A less than exciting addition, but every toolbox needs tools. We've added a trio of basic but great quality tools . We use each and every one of these tools every day around oomlout HQ.

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