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Sensor and LED Fun


We've added a few more great products to the online shop.

Bi-Colour 8x8 LED Matrix

This is our favourite item, connect it up to your Arduino to scroll messages or create bizarrely wonderful light patterns. Here is our implementation for scrolling messages... (code detailed in the quick start guide). (available in the online shop)

Infrared Distance Sensor

A great little sensor that will let allow you to use distance in your next project. Perfect for an obstacle avoiding robot, distance sensing musical instrument, or even level sensing in a tank, if distance sensing in the range of 10 to 80 cm is required this is the sensor for you. Better yet it requires only one analog input pin. (available in the online shop)

DIY Arduino Stuff

Played around with your Duemilanove board and have an idea that warrants porting to a custom board? Well we've added ATMega328 chips pre-loaded with the Arduino bootloader, as well as the always useful USB - TTL Serial cable, to make the multiplication easier. (available in the online shop)


Lastly a little bundle to help facilitate the leap from consumer to producer. With the basic soldering bundle you'll get a solid 40 watt soldering iron, soldering iron stand and some solder, to get you started making great stuff. (available in the online shop)

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