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Resistor Cutting Robot (RECO)


Resistor Cutting Robot (RECO)

We go through a lot of ribbons of resistors at oomlout. While we have gotten quite speedy slicing them with scissors we knew there had to be a better way. As a result, we decided to design a machine to help us out.

The current prototype takes an Arduino, a stepper motor, two RC servos, two exacto blades and a bundle of laser sliced 3mm MDF. It produces resistors strips of any length.

A lovely video of it in action:

A Few More Views:

Resistor Cutting Robot (RECO) Resistor Cutting Robot (RECO) Resistor Cutting Robot (RECO) 

We have plans to fix a few things up before cleaning up the files and documenting it properly but if you'd like to get a jump start design files can be downloaded ( (CC BY-SA).

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