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Wire Spool Holder (WIHO)


Wire Spool Holder (WIHO) - Three Wide
Recently we've been struggling to manage our wire collection, fed up with the tangled mess it had become we decided to put some work into addressing it.

The result a solution that's:
    simple (two unique pieces)
    expandable (easy to bolt together)
    and fun (we like the curly shaft catcher)

If you'd like to build your own:

Parts:(single bay)

Wire Spool Holder (WIHO) - Parts

WIHO-01  x2  Wire Reel Side (3mm sheet stock)
WIHO-02  x7  Wire Reel Joiner (3mm sheet stock)
BOL-03-16  x14  3mm x 16mm Machine Screw
NUT-03-01  x14  3mm Nut
BOL-08-100  x4  8mm x 100mm Bolt
NUT-08-01  x4  8mm Nut


On Thingiverse  (external)
Mechanical Reference  (pdf)
Laser Cutting Outline  (dxf)
(additional files and formats)  (directory)

Wire Spool Holder (WIHO) - One Wide

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