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ADBO - Project Box For Arduino


ADBO - Project Box for Arduino (laser cut)Tired of our projects getting finished and being nothing more than a mush of wires we decided to design ourselves a box. After many iterations we've settled on one that requires just over an A4 (letter) sheet worth of acrylic and four nuts and bolts to assemble.

A few of it's finer points:
    simple (five unique pieces and four nuts & bolts)
    accesible (all wiring can be done with walls removed)
    and expandable (make your own custom face plates)

If you'd like to build your own:

ADBO - Project Box for Arduino (laser cut)

ADBO-01  x1  Back Plate (3mm sheet stock)
ADBO-02  x1  Face Plate (3mm sheet stock)
ADBO-03  x2  Blank Side Plate (3mm sheet stock)
ADBO-04  x1  Wire Side Plate (3mm sheet stock)
ADBO-05  x1  Arduino Plate (3mm sheet stock)
BOL-05-60  x4  5mm x 60mm Bolt
NUT-05-05  x4  5mm Acorn Nut


On Thingiverse  (external)
Mechanical Reference  (pdf)
Laser Cutting Outline  (dxf)
(additional files and formats)  (directory)

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