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Arduino Leonardo (we're giving a few away)



The long awaited successor to the Arduino UNO has been announced, The Arduino Leonardo.

It has a new chip, and promises some fun features. For full details visit the Arduino Leonardo Hardware page on

Quantities are limited at the moment so sadly we're not able to place them on sale. That said we have some at oomlout HQ and want to put them in our lovely customers hands.

We're going to be giving away one a day this week.

Simply send us an e-mail ( ), with one of your previous order numbers (as well as something you plan to try with it) and we'll put you in a draw.

Good luck, and once they are available in quantity we'll list them in the store.

UPDATE: Arduino has now published a Getting Started Guide. You'll also need to download Arduino IDE 1.0.1 (available here)


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