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.:Guess How Many LEDs:. -- Twitter Edition ((Update))


Guess How Many LEDs


The Maker Faire 2013 is over and we've had a winner. There were 2659 LEDs in the box.


We're at the UK's best (or only official) MakerFaire this weekend (March 27-28). At the event we're having a rather traditional "Guess How Many LEDs In a Box" competition and we thought those not attending might like to have a go at it as well, so we're having a two pronged approach.

In Person
Come and see us in person, write your guess on a slip and pop it in the guessing box.

Give it a guess on Twitter, simply tweet your guess to @oomlout and include the hash tag #guessTheLEDs

It's two separate contests so two separate prizes, who ever is closest in each contest will win one of our lovely ARDX kits ( )

.:The Rules:.

  1. Only one entry into each competition (ie, one paper guess and one twitter guess)
  2. If there's a tie in either we'll pick one at random.
  3. We'll ship the kit anywhere in the world within reason (ie. nowhere with export restrictions)

.:The Box Of LEDs:.

Guess How Many LEDs

Full resolution available on Flickr here

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