Cart 0 Announces Wi-Fi Genuino MKR1000, Launches Give-Away Competition

Gareth Halfacree

Genuino MKR1000/Arduino MKR1000 has announced another new entry in the Genuino family, designed to combine Arduino functionality with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity. It's called the Genuino MKR1000, and to celebrate its unveiling the company is giving away a thousand of them in collaboration with and Microsoft.

Designed to help compete with devices like the Particle Photon and NodeMCU, the Genuino MKR1000 - which will launch in the US as the Arduino MKR1000, as with previous Genuino-branded products - is designed around the Atmel ATSAMW25 SmartConnect platform. The idea is that it takes away the complexities of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and authenticating with remote servers, allowing makers to do what they do best: concentrate on building something. Like its rivals, the Genuino MKR1000 is designed in a 'stick of gum' shape which combines breadboard compatibility with a small layout - but does, sadly, sacrifice compatibility with standard Arduino Shields in the process.

The Genuino MKR1000 isn't due to launch until February 2016, but is working to build up hype with a competition: 1,000 boards will be given away to entrants in the Arduino Maker Challenge, a competition organised by and sponsored by and Microsoft. Those aren't the only prizes, though: the three best projects submitted to the contest will be awarded a fully-funded trip to Maker Faire Shenzhen, New York, or Rome where they'll present their creation at the Microsoft and booths and be filmed doing so by our friends at Adafruit - and they'll get a $500 gift certificate to spend, too.

Interested parties have until the 15th of January to submit their projects, which should make use of both hardware and Microsoft's Windows 10 platform - the first operating system to receive official Arduino Certification. More details are available from the official website.

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