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Instructables Launches an Arduino All The Things Competition

Gareth Halfacree

Instructables Arduino All The Things Contest

If you've got a bit of spare time on your hands this Christmas, you may be interested to know that how-to site Instructables is running an Arduino-themed contest with some great prizes - including Arduino boards, touch-screen displays, tablets, and a 3D printer.

Running alongside's Arduino Maker Challenge, the Instructables Arduino All The Things contest is extremely open in its brief: build something interesting, whether it's a useful tool or a ridiculous toy, using any microcontroller - not just Arduinos - and you stand a chance of winning one of the great prizes on offer.

Like Instructables' other competitions, the judging is multipart: entries will be checked to make sure they adhere to the theme of the competition before going live on the site, and all entries will then be judged by a panel of Instructables staff and selected community members. Ten runners up will receive an Arduino Pro Mini board, five second-prize winners will get an Adafruit MP3 Shield, touch-screen and stereo speaker bundle, three first-prize winners will get a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet and touch-screen, and a single grand prize winner will walk away with a Micro 3D Printer Bundle. All winners will also receive an Instructables prize pack, including a T-shirt to commemorate their success.

The competition is open now and will run for the next 40 days, with entries already including a head-tracking system, light painter, electronic bubble level, and a wireless time-control switch. More entries, plus the link to submit your own, can be found on the official website.

We’re constantly being blown away by all the cool microcontroller projects being made out there. So we invite you to enter your Arduino or other microcontroller project in the Arduino All the Things Contest today. Whether the application is practical or for play, the project possibilities when you incorporate a microcontroller are exciting. You are competing for a chance to win a Micro 3D printer, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, Arduino shields, and more fun goodies.

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