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.:New Product - Jumper Wires Premium Ribbon Cable (40 x 150 mm):.

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Is your project turning into a birds nest of wires, here's the perfect solution. A 150 mm long strip of 40 pole ribbon cable with a female socket on the end of each and every wire. It's peel-ability means you can create a custom cable from a one to 40 poles. With 10 colours of wire colour coating is also a snap. Finally if you need to make some connections to a breadboard this is made easy with the inclusion of a snap-able strip of headers. You certainly could ask for more, but probably not when looking to organize your projects wiring.


  • 40 wires means even the most complicated wiring project can be tackled.
  • Easy colour coating with 10 colours (Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, White, Black).
  • Connect "pin to pin" or "pin to breadboard" with the included header strip.
  • Peel-able, meaning anything from 1-40 pole cables can be created.

More Details (HERE)

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