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Maker Faire UK 2016 Call for Makers Still Open

Gareth Halfacree

Newcastle Life Science Centre

Calling all makers: you should have all recovered from the end-of-year excesses that marked the close of 2015, so it's now time to give you your annual reminder that the Maker Faire UK is once again to be marked on your shiny new calendars. Before you panic: there's no rush, as the event isn't until the 23rd and 24th of April, but the call for makers is now open and you only have until next Monday to get your name on the list.

Known, entirely fairly, as "the greatest show and tell on Earth," the UK branch of the Maker Faire is a must-visit for anyone interested in making or seeing makers. Naturally, we love it for the wealth of mechanical, electric, and electronic wonderment on display, but it's certainly not limited to those fields: makers of any background, from knitters and bakers to sculptors and musicians are invited to attend and show off their talents to an always-appreciative audience from around the UK and beyond.

Although visitors to the event, held again at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, will have plenty of time to plan what they're doing things are a little tighter for interested makers: anyone interested in exhibiting, or in running a workshop, giving a presentation, or for those whose creations are a true spectacle in simply performing, is asked to complete the application form by Monday the 25th of January. Business exhibitors - like us - are welcome, too, although there is a £250 charge not applicable to those showing off simply for the love of making.

Naturally, we'll be in attendance at the Maker Faire UK, and we'll also be bringing along our in-house roving reporter to cover the event in glorious colour. If you're exhibiting, we'll see you there - and if you want to make sure you get a chance to show off what you've been up to, let us know and we'll send him in your direction.

Whether you tinker, knit, bake, craft, cut, solder, upcycle, mould, sew, sculpt or anything else, we'd love for you to apply for a place at Maker Faire UK 2016. We're keen to get the most diverse and most enthusiastic group of Makers in 2016, therefore please be as descriptive as possible about what you plan to bring to Maker Faire UK 2016. Visitors love getting involved and having a chance to get hands on, so interactivity with your project/exhibit is encouraged.

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