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PCB Design Maestro Saar Drimer Launches the Boldport Club

Gareth Halfacree

Boldport Widdop Kit

Here at oomlout we're complete suckers for a well-designed printed circuit board, and nobody does that better than Boldport. Saar Drimer's talent combined with his excellent PCBmodE software leads to impressive creations, from the Widdop and Seahorse to multi-coloured PCBs.

Now, there's a new way to get your hands on Boldport's artistic outpourings: the Boldport Club. Currently available as an open beta, the Boldport Club provides members with shiny Saar-designed electronics kits on a monthly basis. Unlike many projects-by-post subscription services, Boldport's isn't necessarily aimed at newcomers: some kits include surface-mount technology skills, while others - like the Cordwood, on which the Widdop kit was based - are provided without instructions as a puzzle to be worked out.

Final pricing for the Boldport Club has yet to be tied down, but the three-project beta is open now at a cost of £49 inclusive of shipping. As well as the kits, delivered at the rate of one per month members get access to an exclusive discussion group - which could well prove handy when trying to puzzle out the Cordwood kit.

Our membership is already in, and hopefully we'll see one or two of you in the clubhouse!

As a member of the Boldport Club you’ll receive an electronic project every month. Our projects are designed to be engaging, challenging, entertaining, collectable, and to promote exploration and discovery through the use of electronics.

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