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Wim Van Gool's Laser-Cut Soldering Tool Organisers

Gareth Halfacree

Wim Van Gool's laser-cut tool organiser

Having lots of tools readily to hand is a great feeling for a maker, but it brings with it a major problem: organisation. Having dozens of screwdrivers, tweezers, components and you trusty soldering iron makes for a cluttered desk, which is why we're pleased to see Wim Van Gool publishing a stream of handy laser-cuttable organisational tools on Thingiverse.

Designed to help tidy up the Belgian maker's own workspace, Wim's three published projects thus far all make use of 3mm laser-cut MDF - our material of choice - to help tame the clutter. While the surface-mount device spool holder is perhaps a little niche, with most budding makers still working with larger and easier-to-handle through-hole components, Wim's compact and large soldering tool holders are pleasing in their simplicity and functionality.

Both holders share a similar design, creating a box of interleaved laser-cut MDF featuring one or two internal cross-members in order to keep each tool centred and upright. By varying the size of the holes in the top and each cross-member, Wim's design can be customised for each particular tool - from a pen or small pair of tweezers up to larger objects such as side-cutters and collections of screwdrivers.

Published under a Creative Commons licence, Wim's tool holders - and, for those working with surface-mount parts, the desktop spool holder - make for a great and cheap workstation accessory, and they're not alone: our own OOpen Building Block System (OOBB) is a great way to build more complex and interconnectable designs using the same principles. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, track down your local hackspace or maker space; many have member-accessible laser cutters and other handy hardware, and even if one isn't directly available your fellow members will be able to point you in the right direction for getting your design produced.

Getting tired of always searching for the correct tweezers between all the pens and pencils, I created this small tool holder. By using 2 layers with the same size holes, all the tools with stick up straight instead of falling to the sides. You can easily adapt this for your own tools by modifying the holes in the top and mid layers.

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