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Maker Faire UK 2016 - The Photo Album

Gareth Halfacree

Child building OOBB, Maker Faire UK 2016

We're back from our trip to Newcastle for Maker Faire UK 2016, and we're exhausted but happy. We caught up with friends old and new, enjoyed watching people young and old get to grips with the glory that is OOBB, and got an inside peek at the latest goings-on in the maker world - from affordable desktop laser cutters to giant robots firing (foam, thankfully) missiles at us.

We'll be taking a quick trip through our personal highlights from the event later in the week, but our photos from the weekend are already live on Flickr. These are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence, so feel free to grab a handful if you fancy showing those that didn't attend just what they were missing.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone involved: the Life Science Centre for organising the event, our fellow makers for spending their time and effort to build fantastic exhibits and bring them to Newcastle, and of course the visitors themselves whose enthusiasm was little short of infectious.

Now, to start the planning for Maker Faire UK 2017!

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