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Gareth Halfacree and announce agreement

The long-running legal battle between Arduino LLC, also known as, and Arduino SRL, also known as, is over: the two companies have agreed to kiss and make up, forming a holding company and a non-profit foundation, and as always in these cases it's the customers that are most likely to benefit.

The biggest impact felt by the Arduino-versus-Arduino battle, which stemmed from trademark disputes, was in the launch of the Genuino brand. While held the rights to the Arduino trademark in the US, held the international trademark; thus Genuino was launched by for international use. Now, with the two companies working together once again, it's possible that we'll see the Genuino brand abandoned in favour of a unified Arduino front.

The potential abandonment of the Genuino brand isn't the only move likely to reduce confusion in the market, either. Since the disagreement began, has been producing a modified version of the Arduino IDE software to support its tweaked Arduino-branded product designs like the Arduino Zero Pro. Now, the two codebases can be merged, and support for all Arduino-branded products will be available in a single IDE.

There's still a long road ahead in the reunification of Arduino, of course. The two companies have confirmed that Arduino Holding, a joint venture, will launch by the end of the year alongside a non-profit dubbed the Arduino foundation. The former company will concentrate on wholesale distribution of Arduino products, while the latter will take over responsibility for the Arduino IDE while also offering scholarships and community initiatives.

More detail on the agreement between the two companies, along with comments by co-founder Massimo Banzi and president and chief executive Federico Musto can be found in the official announcement.

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