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Attended MadLab? There's a Survey Waiting for Your Input

Gareth Halfacree

MadLab hosting an Arduino workshop

Our friends at MadLab, the Manchester not-for-profit which has hosted events ranging from hands-on electronics workgroups and Mitch Altman soldering workshops to regular Game Jams and the Maker Assembly, are looking for feedback from their users and visitors in the wake of an application to the Arts Council to help grow the facility.

If you've ever been to MadLab, whether it's to attend one of the aforementioned events or for one of the regular meet-ups that occur there, the team behind it is seeking your input. If you've got a handful of minutes, consider completing the quick survey on exactly what, why, and how - and you can also have a say in MadLab's future direction by offering your opinion on development programmes, exhibitions, and workshops you'd like to see in the future.

The UK Maker Belt is filled with makerspaces, hackspaces, workshops, and other areas where talented makers gather, and MadLab is definitely a major jewel in an impressively bejewelled crown. If you've never been, consider making 2017 the year that changes and find out more about the organisation and its aims on the official website.

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