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B. Aswinth Raj's Arduino-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Gareth Halfacree

B. Aswinth Raj's Arduino-powered robot vacuum

The Arduino platform is a fantastic starting point for learning robotics. Even the smaller and cheaper models are perfectly suited to driving simple wheeled vehicles, and an Arduino Uno coupled with a Bluetooth module is plenty powerful enough for a smartphone-controlled design.

Circuit Digest's B. Aswinth Raj has a great example of the Arduino's flexibility in this area in the form of his latest published project: a smart vacuum cleaner based on the same principles as iRobot's popular Roomba range. Where the Roomba is an expensive piece of bespoke equipment, though, Raj's creation is made from plywood, cheap motors, and an off-the-shelf hand-held vacuum cleaner, all driven from an Arduino Uno.

The robot receives information from the environment via a pair of infrared sensors and an ultrasonic distance sensor module. Using this, it can detect and avoid obstacles such as furniture and walls, while a simple algorithm within the Arduino sketch itself tells it how to traverse the area to be cleaned. An L293D motor driver powers the two motors that provide locomotion, while the vacuum cleaner is permanently active when the robot is powered up.

Raj's design is in the early stages, with a number of upgrades planned. He's already developed spinning brush attachments which push dirt towards the vacuum intake, and has been working on a smaller two-wheeled variant. Those interested in seeing the robot develop can keep an eye on its progress on Circuit Digest.

In this project we will use the power of Embedded Systems and Electronics to make our own robot which could help us in keeping our home or work place neat and tidy. This robot is simple four wheeled Vacuum Cleaner which could smartly avoid obstacles and vacuum the floor at the same time. The idea is inspired by the famous vacuum cleaner Robot Roomba. Our idea is to make a simple robot right from the scratch which can automatically avoid the obstacles while cleaning the floor.

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