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Ben Gray and Ben Pirt Join Forces for Mime Industries

Gareth Halfacree

Ben Pirt's Mirobot at Maker Faire UK 2016

Our good friend Ben Gray, fellow maker and UK Maker Belter, has been busy over the last few months - and now we know why: he's partnered with another Ben to launch Mime Industries, a new company dedicated to do-it-yourself robotics and electronics for education.

Ben Gray's partnership, which has been in the works for some time, is with open-hardware turtle-style robot kit Microbot creator Ben Pirt. We've covered Ben P's homebrew manufacturing tools in the past, and got to see the Mirobots in action at Maker Faire UK 2016 earlier this year. Frankly, they're fantastic: laser-cut bodies powered by open-hardware electronics, each Mirobot broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal and can be programmed and controlled directly from a web browser on almost any device - no need to install any client software.

With Ben G's excellent MeArm robotic arm, itself also laser-cut and open-hardware, Mime Industries has its first set of products ready-to-go. Now the Bens are officially working together, we're expecting to see plenty of innovation - and, unlike their namesakes, we're hoping the Bens won't be keeping quiet about what they're up to down in the Cleantech Centre in Nottingham.

Mime Industries enables people to learn through play and exploration of technology. Their groundbreaking build-it-yourself kits have inspired children and adults to break through their own barriers and learn to build and code whilst having fun. Their products are simple to build and can be easily understood. Meaning you can use them to learn and play, adding your own imagination to make something great.

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