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Event Alert: Make Stuff with MadLab at Fred Aldous this December

Gareth Halfacree

Fred Aldous, Manchester

As we head into December and the run-up to Christmas, many people's minds turn to the topic of making - even if it's something as simple as working on a hand-made card or perfecting your wrapping skills. For those around Manchester next week, the lovely people at MadLab have an event to help you delve a little deeper into maker culture with everything from Arduino and soldering lessons to wearable technology and live demos.

Unusually, the Make Stuff event isn't taking place in MadLab itself; instead, the team is taking over the basement of arts and crafts specialist Fred Aldous to run the event. Attendees can learn to solder an LED badge, work with Arduino microcontrollers, scan their heads as a means of learning about 3D printing and modelling, and use conductive thread to sew circuits for wearable technology - always a fun time for anyone not terrified of needles.

As if that weren't enough, Make Stuff also provides an opportunity to see stuff others have made: MadLab has confirmed that Gemma May Latham's PatternCraft punchcard reader and Chris Ball's Arduino-powered Laser Harp will both be in attendance, along with other creations and prototypes developed at MadLab.

The Make Stuff event is to run on Sunday the 11th of December, and is free entry for anyone who fancies seeing what others are up to or rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to a bit of making - and we'd highly recommend you do! Full details are available from the official announcement.

We’re heading to the basement of Fred Aldous for a FREE day of: Soldering: Hone your soldering skills with MAKE STUFF’s LED-tastic badge-making activity; Arduino: Learn basics of Arduino, and how to apply it in creative contexts; 3D Printing: Explore the possibilities of 3D printing, and 3D scan your head (or other appendages); Wearable Tech: Create sewn-circuits using conductive thread (and more LEDs)

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