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Letmeknow Launches Jarduino 'Indoor Garden' Kickstarter

Gareth Halfacree

Letmeknow's Jarduino 'indoor garden'

Growing a plant indoors can be a surprisingly tricky proposition. Too much or too little light, and it will wither and die; forget to water it or pop away on holiday for a week or two and you'll likely have the same outcome. Design house Letmeknow believes it has a solution: an open-source Arduino-based all-in-one device it calls the Jarduino and describes as "the first smart and autonomous vegetable garden."

While 'garden' may be pushing it a little - the Jarduino being roughly large enough to hold a single small plant - the project is nevertheless interesting. A custom Arduino-compatible microcontroller board provides the logic to drive a built-in water pump and hose which can keep the plant of your choice properly hydrated, while an LED lamp gives it enough ultraviolet light to keep it happy and healthy. The status of the system can be seen on a simple LED panel built into the Jarduino itself.

Although Letmeknow has turned to crowdfunding to support the creation of the Jarduino, the company has pledged to release all source code and hardware design files under a permissive, open-source licence. Sadly, it has yet to make good on that promise: the company's official website includes a GitHub repository icon which is sadly inactive, displaying a message promising files are 'coming soon' - and suggesting, unfortunately, that Letmeknow may be guilty of a little of what our friend Ben Gray calls openwashing.

Assuming Letmeknow makes good on its promise, though, the Jarduino certainly looks like a project to follow. More information, including pledges for the hardware starting at €29 for a bare-bones kit and rising to €99 for a full kit bundle or €999 for a twelve-pack, can be found on the Jarduino Kickstarter page.

Pour être honnète, personne chez nous n'a la main verte. Mais nous sommes plutôt bricoleurs ! C'est pourquoi nous avons décidé de déléguer l'entretien de nos plantes à un objet programmable. Après plusieurs essais le résultat nous a plu, et nous avons décidé d'en faire un objet fini : Jarduino.

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