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Ronald Sousa Launches #Define Electronics Podcast

Gareth Halfacree

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We've talked before about the gulf that traditionally exists between hobbyist and commercial electronics, and how rapid prototyping and small-scale manufacturing technology is shrinking that gulf every day. Reading about such things is one thing, though, but hearing about it from someone who is living the life is something entirely different. Enter Ronald Sousa.

Based in Leeds, at the heart of the UK Maker Belt, engineer Ronald has started a fascinating podcast about his experience running the electronics contracting business Hash Define Electronics (styled as #Define Electronics, because hashtags are #hip). Whether you have a dream of getting into the business yourself, have used an electronics contractor in the past, or simply have an insatiable curiosity about how that side of the industry works, it's a must-listen and jam-packed with tips and tricks that can make your life easier.

The opening episode includes advice on the importance of variable naming, while the second episode covers issues common to running a contracting business. The third episode, the latest at the time of writing, was of particular interest to us, covering as it does a look at how to track and manage a project to build a line-following robot as well as a quick overview of real-time operating systems (RTOSes).

A full episode list is available on the #Define Electronics website, along with links to subscribe via a variety of platforms and devices - and we strongly recommend you do if you want to avoid us talking about spoilers from future podcast episodes before you've had a chance to listen!

This show is for anyone who is interested to hear and possibly learn from an embedded engineer turn contractor that occasional is joined by guests. Theme-wise, it's Embedded electronics with a bias to robotics and humour.

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