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Sean Dunphy's Clever Laser-Cut Hot Glue Gun Stand

Gareth Halfacree

Sean Dunphy's laser-cut hot glue gun stand

Here at oomlout we're rarely as happy as when we can fire up the laser cutter to build something that makes our lives easier. From our own designs like the WENT laser-cut end table and FANH soldering fume extractor to others' designs including laser-cut knobs, pegboard parts holders, and even omni-wheels, being able to produce something useful from a sheet of MDF is a great feeling.

Now we've got a new entry in our collection of laser-cut creations: a hot glue gun stand created by Sean Dunphy. While few would argue that hot glue guns are handy devices, anyone who has used one for more than a few minutes will be aware of their drawbacks which range from a tendency to scorch surfaces if laid down to the drips of molten glue that continue to rain down for quite some time after you've finished squeezing the trigger. Dunphy's design aims to address both of these issues: cleverly-shaped MDF brackets hold the glue gun secure in place preventing the hot parts from touching your work surface, while an acrylic drip tray - a material chosen for the ease with which hardened glue can be peeled away - catches any errant blobs that leak from the nozzle.

Sean has released the files for two versions of his hot glue gun holder design: the first variant acts as a stand and drip-tray alone, while the second variant includes an area to store spare glue sticks. Both are released under the permissive Creative Commons Attribution licence, allowing for easy use, reuse, and modification should you have any ideas for additional features or tweaks. If you don't have your own laser cutter, Sean's designs are compatible with commercial cutting services or can be taken along to your local hackspace or makerspace for cutting.

This is a hot glue gun holder with a box to hold glue sticks and a removable drip tray that can be laser cut from 1/4 in plywood or acrylic. I recommend using acrylic for at least the drip tray to make it easy to clean.

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