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Wuthering Bytes 2016: Ken Boak on Technical Education

Gareth Halfacree

Ken Boak's Soldering Workstation

We're big believers in lifelong learning here at oomlout: regardless of your age or experience - or lack of either - there's always something to learn. We're not alone in this belief, either, which is why our countdown to Wuthering Bytes 2016 continues with a look at Ken Boak's OSHCamp talk on open education.

If the name sounds familiar, you've likely come across one of Ken's open hardware designs: from the Arduino compatible Nanode developed for the London Hackspace to the upcoming MyStorm with its embedded field-programmable gate array (FPGA), Ken has always sought to design and build low-cost boards that can be used both for education and for practical projects. Each has one thing in common: they're released under permissive licences, both hardware and software, to allow the community to benefit from their creation and inevitable variation and enhancement.

In a talk on the Open Source Hardware User Group (OSHUG)'s OSHCamp, taking place during Wuthering Bytes on Saturday the 3rd of August, Ken is to talk about the state of technical education both past and present with a focus on how it can be improved by the inclusion of open hardware. It's a topic very dear to our hearts: our own Arduino Starter Kit (ARDX) is released under a permissive licence, right down to the booklet and circuit layout card designs, with a view to providing educational benefit as widely as possible - and with tweaked versions appearing in as far-flung places as Uganda, it's a project that has proven its benefit.

Ken's talk is only one scheduled for OSHCamp, with full details and tickets available from the event page. We'll be looking at some others as we continue our countdown to Wuthering Bytes 2016, which opens on Friday the 2nd of September with the traditional Festival Day.

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