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HQBS - 06 - SEG Market

HQBS - 06 - SEG Market

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This is the centre of the electronics market, a 30 storey glass tower of offices with a 9 storey base filled with stalls. Floors 01-02 are basic components. Floors 03-06 are consumer electronics, and 07-09 are factory offices with showrooms.

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Floor Contents Note
01 Components (booths piled high, wire, hardware, tools, connectors, LEDs)
02 Components (Less busy, jigher value items)
03 Finished Items (Network cards, 3D printing, speakers, motherboards, labels & ribbon, POS systems.)
04 Computers (stalls with salesmen)
05 Computer Parts (Motherboards, little stalls)
06 Computer Parts (Mother boards, accessories, power supplies)
07 Computer Parts and Cables (starting to be factory offices, no longer stalls)
08 Same as 7F
09 Same As 8F

Photos (all building photos on flickr)

Street View
Floor 07 Floorplan
Floor 01 Sign
Floor 02 Sign
Floor 03 Sign
Floor 04 Sign
Floor 05 Sign
Floor 06 Sign
Floor 07 Sign
Floor 08 Sign
Floor 09 Sign
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 03 Inside
Floor 05 Inside
Floor 06 Inside
Floor 07 Inside
Floor 08 Inside
Floor 09 Inside
Floor 09 Inside

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