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HQBS - 10 - HQ Electronics World (LED Building)

HQBS - 10 - HQ Electronics World (LED Building)

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This building is in flux. The ground floor of the southern building (closest to SEG) sells electronic components. The first floor has assembled electronic components (USB microscopes, manufactured LED products etc.). Floors 03-05 (and 01-05 in the north tower) are consumer electronics (Cameras, computers, tablets). However the sixth floor is a marvel of LED technology, from bare diodes to street lamps and bulbs. Top tip when purchasing high power LEDs; the retailers will want to show you that they work - the professionals bring sunglasses for this purpose.

Extra Info
On Google Maps
#5 (pdf)


Floor Contents Note
01 South Side, Components, North Side Sunning
02 South some components and little stalls, North Sunning
03 Consumer Electronics
04 Consumer Electronics (bit less professional than 3)
05 Consumer Computers, South side some stalls, one section cleared out, some LEDs
06 LEDs (mostly bulbs and high power)

Photos (all building photos on flickr)

Street View
Floor 06 Floorplan
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 03 Inside
Floor 04 Inside
Floor 05 Inside
Floor 05 Inside
Floor 06 Inside

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