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HQBS - 13 - Long Sheng Accesory Market

HQBS - 13 - Long Sheng Accessory Market

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This building specialises in cell phone accessories, cases, pluggies, and USB cables. While not of huge interest to those in Shenzhen for electronics, it is a fascinating building where trends can be spotted. If you have a popular cell phone, any number of monstrosities/marvels can be procured to bling it up. (Similar to (HQBS-09(Golcunda Cyber Plaza))

Extra Info
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Floor Contents Note
01 Pluggies, cases, little shops, quite professional
02 Mobiles cases more for larger orders
03 Mobiles cases more for larger orders
04 Mobiles cases more for larger orders
05 Case stalls as well as some offices
06 Company display rooms (cell phone cases)

Photos (all building photos on flickr)

Street View
Floor 01 Sign
Floor 03 Sign
Floor 04 Sign
Floor 05 Sign
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 03 Inside
Floor 04 Inside
Floor 05 Inside

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