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HQBS - 15 - Wan Shang Hui

HQBS - 15 - Wan Shang Hui

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This building specializes in low end consumer electronics, as well as cell phone accessories, focusing on USB power back packs, SD cards and various stickers. The stickers can be both legit (ie. QC passed) and slightly suspect (ie. 32GB SanDisk SD card labels).

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Floor Contents Note
01 Batteries, SD Cards, Cell Phones, Cables, Stickers, Power backpacks
02 Similar to first floor
03 Similar to first floor
04 Similar but also with headphones
05 Little shops of accessories, CD Printing, Batteries, Mobile accessories
06 Same as 5
07 Same as 6
08 Factory shops (headphones)

Photos (all building photos on flickr)

Floor 04 Floorplan
Floor 05 Sign
Floor 06 Sign
Floor 07 Sign
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 03 Inside
Floor 04 Inside
Floor 06 Inside
Floor 08 Inside

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