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HQBS - 24 - HQ Mart (New LED Building)

HQBS - 24 - HQ Mart (New LED Building)

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This building is off the beaten track and looks like it may be where the LED manufacturers are starting to migrate. Everyone we dealt with here also had a small stall on the ground floor of (HQBS-10(HQ Electronics World)) and a larger office/stall here. If you're searching for lower power (ie. 5mm) LEDs or rope this is a good place to look.

Extra Info
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Floor Contents Note
01 LEDs Components
02 LEDS Component and lenses
03 LED Components
04 LEDs (some tools)
05 Same as 4

Photos (all building photos on flickr)

Floor 02 Sign
Floor 03 Sign
Floor 04 Sign
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 01 Inside
Floor 02 Inside
Floor 04 Inside

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