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HQBS - Hua Qiang Bei System (华强北) - (Sehnzhen Electronics Market Mapped)

HQBS - Hua Qiang Bei System (华强北)


We are huge fans of Shenzhen. One of the main reasons is the Hua Qiang Bei district. It is a compact area (5 square blocks) of buildings that are stuffed with shops and stalls selling all measure of electronics from components to computers. Navigating this Willie Wonka'esque array of electronics shops/stalls was overwhelming so we came up with a system. This system allows us to navigate the district reliably and return to shops we like without getting lost. This sounds like a simple task, however the scale of the area means that this was no mean feat. We're posting all the details here and hopefully others might find it helpful when exploring.

The System

We spent a day (14/04/2013) visiting as many buildings as we could and systematically taking photos of the exterior, each publicly accessible floor, a fire escape map, and any signs listing what was on each floor. Then we named these photos so that they were easily navigable (full details below). Once this system was in place, remembering a particular stall/shop was simply a matter of grabbing a business card, photographing it then naming the photo similarly (we've included a couple of examples at the bottom). We will update and expand this information with every visit (next scheduled visit Shenzhen Maker Faire 2014) .

The Google Map Layer (full map)


The Buildings(click the building name for a full page of details)

Building Name Short
01 Shenzhen New World Communication Electronics Market Used/Broken Cell Phones
02 Macheng Building Used/Broken Cell Phones
03 Tongtiandi Telecomunication Market / Long Sheng Communtication Market Cell Phone Repair Parts
04 Pong Yuen Communication Accessories Hall Cell Phone Repair Parts
05 Hau Qiang Metro Shopping Mall Cell Phone Repair Parts / Accessories
06 16 09 SEG Market Electronic Components
Consumer Electronics
Factory Showrooms
07-08-09 05 06 HQ Mart 1-2-3 Electronic Components
10 07 05 HQ Electronics World (LED Building) Electronic Components
(01-02 South)
Consumer Electronics
11 19 11 Tai Ping Yang Security Equipments Market Security Products
12 23 02 Golcunda Cyber Plaza Cell Phone Accessories
13 22 10 Long Sheng Accessory Market Cell Phone Accessories
14 21 15 Foreign Trade Wholesale Centre Consumer Electronics
15 Wan Shang Hui Cell Phone Accessories
(batteries, SD cards)
16 19 Huitong Security Products Harbor Security Products
17 25 13 SED Electronics Communication Market Tablets
18 14 City Mingtong Digital Cell Phones
19 Shippers Row Shipping Agents
20 SEG Market North Consumer Electronics
21 03 SAE – South Asia Electronics Electronic Components
23 04 03 Duhui Electronics City Electronic Components
(tools, push buttons)
24 07 HQ Mart (New LED Building) Electronic Components
(discrete LEDs)


Other Systems

We're by no means the first to try and document this area. Both HAXLR8R and SEEED Studios, have similar systems. We've included the ID's they use to identify buildings as well so it's easy to cross reference.

Hua Qiang Bei Guide by HAXLR8R
Hua Qiang Bei Guide by SEEED Studio

A Note on Quality

1. We started the day ambitiously capturing every detail, towards the end we were exhausted and didn't quite capture everything, so some aspects are missing.

2. Hua Qiang Bei is a shopping district so we didn't want to get in anyone's way, as a result the quality of some photos is dubious.

3. The district and city is in a constant state of flux the info in this system is a snapshot of how it was on one day in 2013. Several new buildings were under construction, and others obviously in a state of transition.

4. Building location is approximate. We hope to make it more precise in the future, if you spot a glaring error please let us know.

File Name format

Building Type Floor Stall Index
0-20 (optional)
Stall Number


(example 1)

Suzy Shipper HQBS-B19-####-48-49 Building:HQBS-19

(example 2).

Label Supplier HQBS-B09-####-03-3C020 Building:HQBS-09


More Details



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