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10 mm Frosted LED Rainbow Pack (3 x 8 Colours 24 LEDs)

10 mm Frosted LED Rainbow Pack (3 x 8 Colours 24 LEDs)

(£4.17 ex. VAT)

We love LEDs. However, we found commonly available LEDs disappointing. Therefore we went on a quest to create something better and these were the result. We had them custom manufactured with a frosted white 10mm lens, a larger than normal viewing angle of 50 deg, and eight unique colours to make matching the LED to your need easy.

We can guarantee that these will look lovely in your parts box or blinking on a project. And with the included current limiting resistors, these LEDs are ready to use.

NOTE: The purple LED is noticeably dimmer than the other colours.


  • Eight colours that make matching an LED to a use super easy.
  • Included current limiting resistors means these LEDs are ready to use.
  • Large viewing angle means these LEDs are pretty from any direction

Technical Details:

  • Colours: 8 (red 623 nm, orange 604 nm, yellow 590 nm, green 523 nm, blue 468 nm, purple 403 nm, white X:0.32 y:0.34, pink X:0.34 Y:0.17)
  • Brightness: (red 1000 mcd, orange 1000 mcd, yellow 1000 mcd, green 1000, blue 1500 mcd, purple 200 mcd, white 1000 mcd, pink 500 mcd)
  • Lens Size: 10 mm


  • LED (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink 10 mm frosted lens) (x3) (x24 total)
  • Resistor (270 Ohm) (x25)


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